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Clinicians Corner on AM970

About The Show


Clinicians Corner will highlight health news, national health issues, health concerns, integrative health products and options as well as highlight health practitioners who have educating the listener in mind. We will discuss issues facing all Americans every day including the weight loss, diabetes, anti- aging, lipid management, quality of life, inflammation, and men’s and women’s health.

The show will feature Daniel L. Cajigas and notable health professionals from all areas of health.

clinicians corner

About The Host

Daniel L. Cajigas serves as a business consultant for various supplement manufacturing houses and numerous physicians and will use his relationships to educate the listeners to new heights of nutrition and health education and help to dispel myths about various health issues with facts proven through available research and health professionals.

"We make a promise everyday when we go on the air. We must deliver on that promise. We never want our listeners disappointed.

We always want to be the answer to the question: What’s going on, here, there or anywhere. We’ll teach you something about the days news and events, with smart passionate hosts.

We know in New York radio you have many choices and we appreciate the fact that you gave us a chance. We created AM 970 The Answer so you can have your own radio station that cares about the city we serve.

We decided there were 3 things we had to have on our new station.

First is News, and we have the best in the business with Fox News Radio. If news breaks, we’ll tell you about it.

Second is Opinion. Our hosts come from a wide and eclectic back- ground, but you will never call them afraid of giving an opinion.

Third is passion. We deeply, passionately believe what we say."

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